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  • Chrome coating services; porous chrome,
    Rugomax and Rugomax HC, Electroless nickel;

  • metallization services;

  • Automatic MIG and TIG welding services;

  • Automatic welding, PTA process;

  • Grinding services for large cylinders;

  • Large machining services;

  • Capacity for internal movement; 5, 10, 20 Tone bridges;

  • Recovery of complete equipment;

  • Recovery of hydraulic cylinders;

  • Unit for providing field service “CHROMAX EXPRESS”;

  • Chrome Tanks;

  • Chemical Nickel Tanks;

  • Laboratory for Process and Environmental Analysis;

  • INEA certified effluent treatment plant;

  • Hard chrome, hard chrome, laser cladding, Laser cladding Chromax,
    Laser Metal Deposition-LMD,Hot Wire Welding, Cladding Welding,
    Recovery of hydraulic cylinders, Tungsten Carbide via Laser,
    Metallization, Colmonoy Machining.

Areas of expertise

STEEL – Repairs by submerged arc welding, with hard coatings and subsequent machining, grinding, chrome plating on rolls and shafts of drawing mills, hydraulic cylinders, rolling bearings, anti-corrosion protection, cylinders of large rolling mills and dynamic balancing.

PAPER AND PULP INDUSTRY – Application of hard metallic coatings, cylinders, laminators and hard coatings, on pump shafts, equipment repairs, anti-corrosion protection, coating of paper drying chair rollers.

WEAPON INDUSTRY – Component repairs, application of chemical nickel, machining and grinding, application of hard coatings, coatings on stretching matrices of ballistic projectile cartridges.

NAVAL – Repairs of components and hard coatings, large crankshaft shafts, simplex bushings and sleeves, pumps, medium and large hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, propulsion shaft, plain bearings, rudder stock cylinders. MCP KZ 70 liner – internal diameter recovery.

RAILWAY – Recovery of EMD Locomotive Crankshafts, for original measurement, recovery of diesel engine liners, GM 567 and 645, compressor blower rotors, various engine parts, camshaft, wheel axles, bearing box, pins rocker.

OIL & GAS – Crankshafts and engine components for platform generators, ON-SHORE and OFF-SHORE, mud pump crankshafts, hydraulic compensator cylinders, hydraulic actuators, Subsea equipment and components, Crankshafts for platform generators , diesel engine cylinder liners, pump shafts, BOP parts, pistons, mandrels and JAR tools.


Chromax has the DNV ISO 9001 CERTIFICATE. This certification guarantees quality management, demonstrating our commitment to consistency, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.


Choosing the appropriate process is a decisive factor for the success of the repair to be carried out, taking into account the work environment (temperature, chemical environment, etc.)


Chromax Express®

Chromax Express® was created to be the advanced post of Chromax Services, providing emergency repairs, in the field or at the customer's facilities.

(+55) 21 99937-2345


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