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Our story

The history of CHROMAX® is intertwined with the beginning of the parts recovery industry in the country.

Recovery processes had a major boost during the Second World War, due to the difficulty in obtaining raw materials for the manufacture of new and spare parts. At the time, it was necessary to find a very reliable and quick solution for the recovery of worn-out or even damaged parts of the various equipment used in combat.

The solution was to use the electrolytic recovery process. This technique has become the most common method due to the quality achieved in the process, its versatility and the extreme speed in execution.

This reliability was so high that it is still used today by the aeronautical industry, in which operational requirements and quality reach maximum safety levels.


Meet the founder

As a consultant and researcher for large international companies, owners of processes for galvanic coatings and surface finishes, Alberto Paulo Ribbe closely followed the development of this sector in the country.

The credibility and trust acquired through research and his devoted passion for this segment led him to create the company CHROMAX in 1952.

Since then, for more than sixty-five uninterrupted years, CHROMAX has been presenting itself and making its valuable contribution in the parts processing and recovery sector, keeping the dream of its creator alive, making it a reference company providing quality services, in Brazil and abroad.



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